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"Road To Success"

is an Intensive Case-Management program for anyone ages 17 and older instituted to encourage individuals on their path to self-discovery. Build A Foundation to Obtain Sufficiency

Our Road to Success Prograam emphasizes stable opportunities for self-sufficiency that promotes positive change.

 #1: Housing:

Housing is a huge part for becoming self-reliant, and most individuals who do not have a place to call home reemerge into the criminal justice system or become homeless.

  • Foundation of Independence

  • Mental Security

  • A Place that Shows Ownership

  • Stability and Responsibility

​​ #2: Employment:

Without a stable source of income some individuals fall victim to the negative opportunities of their current or past environments. They may resort to alternative and negative measures to gaining income. Employment lays the foundation to independence such as:

  • Paying Rent

  • Meeting Daily Needs (Food, Water, And Clothing)

  • Maintaining Personal Responsibilities to Sustain.

 #3: Support System: 

Through our 1 Year Intensive Case Management we create a Support System that empowers the individual and guides them to success. Through a consistent and personalized approach at YDP we become family and offer a support system that:

  • Encourages Our Clients

  • Support Them Financially (Monthly Stipend)

  • Care for them as well as Hold Them Accountable

  • Teach Them How to Meet Their Goals To Success.

Our monthly meeting and follow-up schedule offer’s flexible options for in-person, by phone, or via text. We provide flexible and varied touch-base options because we know that the journey to success gets easier when contact is flexible, convenient, and consistent.


The Goals:

  • Help individuals discover their purpose and to develop the skills, talents, habits, and commitment to the life they were created to live. This strategy is implemented to keep our clients focused on related goals and continued success on the path to prosperity. Leadership and guidance help combat passivity and instant gratification. Our program allows the individuals to see themselves as capable to live a life of purpose, and it teaches them to embrace the processes on the road to success.​

  • Build a foundation for consistent and lasting change in their lives, that supports strategies and opportunities for them to be successful with or without a college degree. Also, our program helps combat the mentality of generational poverty and creates an expectation of opportunities for generational wealth.​

  • Teach individuals how to navigate the peaks and valleys of life by giving them the skills to be successful.

This Program Develops skills for:

  • Budgeting & Saving Money

  • Building Self-Confidence

  • Conquering Their Fears

  • Time Management

  • Committing to the Process