Supervised Visitation

Child Protective Services/ Child Support


As a Former CPS Conservatorship Worker the thing I looked for was detailed documentation. Also, a responsible and passionate observer who cared about the goals of CPS and the family. Here at Your Discovery Place our ultimate mission is to provide that type of environment for the children we are entrusted to protect.

Our Supervised Visitation Services services all Region 3, and our purpose is to to provide a safe and neutral environment for children to interact with family members. Our staff are trained observers, with an eye of and a mindset of a CPS worker that has years of experience supervising adult and children interactions across Region 3. 

We are available to the court, or other interested parties, to monitor and document the interaction between the family and the children. We monitor and document both the visitation and the exchange.

If you are interested in utilizing our expertise for CPS please email the 3101 Referral Form and the 2054 to 

General services we provide for the Court:

  • Supervised visitations

  • Safe Exchanges

  • Home Studies

  • Anger Management

  • Parenting Classes

  • Co-Parenting Classes

  • Lifeskills

  • Counseling


Our price chart: (Within Dallas County)

  • $50 per hour max of 8 hours (On-site)

  • $60 per hour max of 8 hours (off-site)

Outside Dallas County: 

Price Varies depending on Distance

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