Helping Individuals Discovery Who They Are!!

Self-Sufficiency Sets a resets a Foundation of Purpose

Your Discovery Place Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that focuses on helping families and individuals become self-sufficient.

The Purpose of Your Discovery Place Inc is (1) To provide assistance to individuals who are pursuing post-secondary education, (2) to provide assistance to person{s) or families suffering a loss or hardship and, (3) to provide assistance in support of activities which positively impact low and moderate Income communities in the areas of education, economic development, healthcare, citizenship awareness and public policy,  (4) combat community deterioration; (5) lessen neighborhood tensions; and (6) combat juvenile delinquency and crime in the neighborhood.

Let Us Help You Find Your Purpose

Call us at 1-855-207-0596

Address: 3155 S. Lancaster Rd Ste. 200

 Dallas, TX 75216

(inside of Guiding Minds Educational Programs)

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